We need your help to develop a comprehensive repository of quotations posted across the city’s diverse neighborhoods.


Email cityofwordsdc with the following:

  • A jpg photo of the quote (if possible, in high resolution)
  • Address where the quote is posted (or a detailed description)
  • Century quote was spoken in (if known)
  • Any anecdotal information you’d like to share.
  • Your name (if you would like to be attributed in the post)

Or, submit a photo along with all of the information above to our Flickr page.


1. We’re looking for quotes that are permanently affixed somewhere. The idea is that someone could read about a quote here, see its location on the Quote Map, and visit it themselves. Of course, there will be judgement calls with this, but you get the idea.

2. We’re looking for quotes that say something reflective. We won’t post funny street signs or historical markers focused only on description, for example.

3. We’re not interested in anything intended solely to offend people or to deface public property. Of course, language is by definition controversial, and many of the quotes will be provocative. But the point here isn’t to amplify vandalism or hate speech.


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