This blog documents, maps, and facilitates reflection on quotations posted throughout Washington DC. As it develops, CityofWordsDC will become a resource for residents, tourists, educators, and general readers interested in the voices that speak from the walls of this nation’s capital.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a complete repository of all publicly posted quotations that fit our criteria (see Submit). We welcome your help in achieving that goal!

New quotations will posted and added to the Quote Map as frequently as possible. Each post will include:

  • The speaker’s name…if known. If its unknown, we challenge you to help us figure it out!
  • A photo…also available in Flickr.
  • The quotation typed out…to ease future word searches
  • The street address or specific description where it can be found
  • A few interesting anecdotes
  • Space for comment…where we hope some additional reflection ensues

To empower research, each post will be tagged by Speaker and categorized by century and general topic (i.e. Civil War, Civil Rights, religion, science).


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